Cell 4 Full version

Crawling back into the front seat of the station wagon after kicking a dog out of the back seat, it had gone crazy and looked half dead which wasn’t what I expected to be doing when we left the Heavy Machinery dealership and garage. I hit the dash board in quick sucession and Troy was quite but a bit nervous. I looked out the side mirror and Thomas was still driving the Minivan behind us. Things didn’t go as planned to say the least. In short they had gone to shit real quick.

I did a perimeter check with Troy and we reinforced weak points in the fence line. While out we could see the fires and the black smoke pluming up from the housing development, anything we would have found was probably gone to the northwest of our location. I noticed some movement in the treeline to the southwest and asked if Troy saw anything but he didn’t wasn’t sure maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. With the front gate locked with the key Troy had found earlier we had secured the perimeter, the only issue was the glaring lights from inside the building now. We needed to blackout those windows. Black garbage bags over the front window and door did something to hide the lights inside. Diana was up and out of the door with the mention of the fires. I looked at Troy and was about to say to keep an eye on her when I stopped and turned to Thomas and nodded towards the door. They came back a bit later after Troy and I had scavenged what we could from the garage, the most interesting being a radio. I came back to the lobby desk to sit down with Thomas and Diana coming back in smoothing hair and pulling up pants. I looked from Thomas to Troy and shook my head.

I mentioned I’d take first watch but everyone had already found someplace to crash. In the early hours of the morning I woke up Thomas who seemed groggy and I told him he had next watch. He grumbled a bit and sat down in the chair, I let him know I thought I had seen something moving outside the fence but it was too fast for me to figure out what it was. I told him to wake me up if something busted through the window or door. That had him fully awake and aware which gave me a bit of piece of mind as I finally dozed off to a rough day to say the least.

I woke to Thomas pulling the garbage bags off the window and door and light flooding in. I talked with Troy about what we planned on doing for the day while Thomas frantically talked to us about the zombie at the gate. Diana made use of the coffee pot and cheap coffee which Thomas realized finally which would have helped him on duty. She was a bit surprised when I took a large pinch of the used coffee grounds and shoved it into my mouth with some sugar.

With Troy moving to get tools out to start working on the cars and me helping Thomas was shocked we weren’t all over attacking the zombie. I explained he was harmless since he couldn’t get in. I asked if Troy could get the wielding torch flame long enough to set the zombie on fire which was all Thomas could take. Taking up a pitchfork he stabbed the zombie and jumped back as it tried to grab him through the gate. Eventually he finished it off and was stumbling back to the building when the sound of a heavy transport Chinook helicopter and two Blackhawks flew closer. I started to write out something in the dirt and pulled off my shirt and waved it around as they went by trying to get their attention. I don’t think they save me and were busy with something else it seemed. A body fell from the Chinook slamming into the hood of a seeder and partially embedding himself there.

I started to move towards the body slowly with Troy close behind with a heavy wrench in hand wondering if it was a dead person or if it was a Crazie. The head was caved in and bloodied, an arm was missing but it was the body of a soldier. I looked him over, bloody vomit down his front. A Crazie, but the dead kind that doesn’t come back. I started to dig a grave, Diana helped after taking his dog tags. She was a little taken aback by me taking his boots but didn’t say anything about it really. I talked it over and Thomas and I would take the station wagon to the diner in search of food while Troy worked. Diana was given the shotgun at she mentioned going to her spot up on the roof. Thomas blushed slightly and turned to the car to get going.

Thomas and I pulled up to the diner and notice vehicles all with the Orange X’s on them. The diner had “Safe house – Food inside” written on the side of it in orange spray paint. Maybe we were a bit paranoid but it might have been a trap, I suggested we sneak in. Thomas figured we could just walk in and opens the door and the chime rings. He’s a bit jumpy afterwards but looked inside, no one. We found six MREs on the counter and we checked the back. Thomas eyed a large cast iron frying pan and I grabbed a couple of Chef knives for weapons, three cans of veggies were found as well. We heard someone pull up and we look at each other and then the backdoor. Time to bug out. I pulled the wedged two by four in the door out and gave it to Thomas and we waited. When the Chime went off of someone entering we were exiting out the back.

Coming around front a guy in the gunner’s seat on a Humvee swiveled his turret around and looked at us and told us to halt and called the others. They tell us to stop and they check us for bites. We’re ordered to come with them to the safe zone we just had to leave all our things behind and get escorted there but we countered saying we were good since we could get there on our own now that we had supplies. They argued although Thomas offered up the housing development on fire that probably has more people that were in more desperate need of help and we were competent enough to get to the relocation area on our own.

_ They argued amongst themselves since a patrol got ambushed in this kind of situation by looters they let go to get there by themselves and later killed by the looters. That meant by proxy we were totally screwed in my book._

With things looking like we’d be forcefully taken I mumble to Thomas if he could look freaked out and convincing say there was a zombie out back and we needed to run away. He girlish wail and shaking me exclaiming he thought he saw one of those crazy blood vomit covered things moving behind the diner and we all needing to run away was quite convincing. He was already sprinting to the car before I could turn back around from looking in the direction he had pointed. The soldiers opening up fire and setting up a kill zone with their cross fire on the unknown was enough time needed. We were gone.

We speed back to see a Humvee moving towards the same place and I braked putting it in park telling Thomas to get in the driver’s seat as I got out. The minivan was towards the side of the building and I waved the soldiers out of their Humvee as I opened the gate. They told me to get on the ground and I yelled back there were civilians inside and I didn’t have time. He leveled his gun and I saw it. A Devil Dog.

I don’t mean a marine, the thing looked like it had been dead or partially eaten as it mauled and devoured what looked like someone that I would have referred to as Susan. The things locked eyes with me as the Minivan came flying out past me and the opened gates. The soldiers took a couple shots until I started yelling.

I mentioned and pointed at the dog and said I wasn’t getting on the ground since that ‘thing’ would eat me. Troy had yoked the minivan between the two vehicles and was leaning on the horn as he came flying out of the gates down the road away from us. I yelled out contact North and South of us and the Soldiers realized there were more than just one of the devil dogs about twenty as Thomas yoked the car around to follow Troy. I sprinted and dove through the open back window. Thomas was surprised that I came through the opening with the pitchfork still in my hand.

I learned from Troy and Diana what happened while we were gone, Trish sobbing in the back must have been in shock. Scout just sat in her lap as she clutched him. Troy had been working on the cars when Susan had asked if he was done working on the minivan. After she asked for the third time in an hour and he noticed her having a very animated argument with her daughter he walked over and asked what was the matter, Trish wouldn’t look at him and Susan became more evasive. As a Humvee drove by Susan wrenched Trish’s arm and sprinted for the gate screaming out for help since Troy and the rest of us were pycho killers since we were convicts. It’s amazing people still think that’s the only reason you get sent to jail. It is a good reason but still.

With the front gate locked and Troy coming over telling them to calm down they took off to the back of the compound still screaming bloody murder. Diana asking what was going on from the rooftop only got the other ladies yelling Troy and the rest of us were convicts and killers and she needed to run away with them if she wanted to live. Troy shook his head and unlocked the gate and went back to the vehicle and waited for them to calm down. Diana yelled for Troy to come help and that they needed him. He just yelled back to come to the vehicle and they could leave if they wanted to once the rest of the guys got back.

The sound of the shotgun going off got his attention and had him in the vehicle starting the engine. He leaned on the horn to let them know where he was when he saw Susan and Trish running from the back terrified. Diana sidestepped something and shot it, a blur came up behind Susan and knocked her down and Troy saw it for the first time, feral dogs that looked like they had long since died mauled her. Trish got into the minivan as Diana wailed at the dog on Susan’s body with the empty shotgun. Troy finally convinced Diana to get into the vehicle that’s when everyone showed up.

With everyone caught up on the others story I asked Troy where the guard and OG were. Troy started to explain but I knew, Thomas covered for him explaining the complications of having them with us would cause. I looked from one to the other and I shook my head, they had planned this. Maybe not like this but still they were going to leave them behind eventually. I saw red, I lost it barking at them like grunts who just screwed up big time. Connor might have been a guard but he always did alright by us, and OG was just an old guy, there was no reason to not leave him behind in my mind, he was elderly and didn’t take up that much room or food.

I simply said we were going back, Troy and Thomas disagreed. I explained if those soldiers were dead it was on us. But their Humvee was up for grabs which meant more room, a better car, and weapons to defend ourselves which started to sway Troy. Thomas flat out said there was no earthly reason for him to go back until I reminded him he didn’t have his Jack Daniel’s on him. He swore as we drove back a short distance away from the compound. There were fewer dogs out and about less than five it seemed and one of the soldiers was already one of the walking dead, or he had broken one of his legs and the dogs just didn’t want to attack him. We all agreed no one in their right mind was going to stick their neck out to see if they were in there which left only me. I also added if things got to heavy we bail plain and simple. That’s probably the only reason they agreed. I wasn’t completely crazy about the idea myself to be honest. Troy would drive the station wagon and me back in back up to the door and I’d go in if I could and grab the two and we’d bug out. Thomas was in charge of the girls and simply driving away.

Troy gunned it into a group of devil dogs and the marine. One of the devil dogs had bounced off the side of the station wagon and was up right but in front of Thomas and the minivan that plowed through it. I smacked one of the other dogs that had rolled off the attack with a door to the face as Troy backed down to the compound. I heard the immediate growl from the second row seats window, one of the devil dogs was trying to crawl in. With a knife in hand I dove into the back seat and started to stab the dog as we fought for control on the backseat. I heard Troy mention OG was SoB since he was still alive hiding inside. He started to make his way to the door when I finally got the window rolled up and had the dog down I thought.

Troy peeled out as the dog went limp in my hands. I barked out wondering what he was doing and he yelled back there were more dogs. About ten more had shown up from all the excitement, I had been even with just one. OG was at the window looking around at the dogs and us speeding away. I held up my fist to him knowingly my eyes angry, frantic, and pleading. He nodded and raised his fist as well and moved into the shadows of the building away from the window. Right before we would hit the lip of the highway road I flung open the door and kicked the dog out that was moving again and slammed the door shut. Laying down in the back seat I roared out in rage and frustration. Angry I could help Connor and OG, angry those guards had died, frustrated feeling we had done more harm than good. But we were alive and safe. The weight of that thought seemed to drain me a bit.

Oddly enough I laughed exclaiming it had been a rough day again. I contemplated aloud that Jack Daniel’s would have been good right about now. We needed a new safe house for the five of us now.

Cell 4 Full version

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