Cell 3 Full Version

C-Note rubbed his eyes and heard the dog whine next to him. He reach down and scratched the dog’s head and behind its ear which got the whine to stop. Sighing he leaned back. He felt tired, they had found someplace to sleep and fortified the position, but he had also seen a new type of Crazy and this one seemed more intelligent. What puts man apart from feral beasts is the ability to think and use tools. What happens when humans go feral? You outsmart them. But what do you do when someone who should be feral has a glimmer of intelligence left plus bullets don’t stop him like the normal feral humans try to kill you. What’s worse? You realize it heals up a bullet would in under five minutes. I guess I should backtrack a bit it’ll help me figure this out maybe.

If we weren’t going to the relocation point we’d need to find shelter and fortify it so we didn’t get killed in our sleep from one or a few of the crazies or just plan people out to murder and kill us. We found ourselves driving away while people were driving towards the relocation point. We save how easily people were killed if the thought of them being infected came up. Troy, Thomas, or myself wanted to live in that kind of environment, we had been in prison and more of the same treatment wasn’t welcome. Diana explained she needed some air or she was going to throw up again. Troy agreed this time. I asked Thomas to check on her and make sure she wasn’t throwing up blood. She asked what we were going to do now that we weren’t going to the station waypoint. Old George said we should probably find someplace to leave him since he felt he was just slowing him down. I immediately refused, I explained we were going to get him the medical treatment t if we could or at least to people that could take him there. We weren’t leaving him till he was dead, and if he was dead and tried to kill us I explained that I hated to admit I was going to have to kick his ass. Troy agreed we couldn’t just leave him. Thomas agreed we could leave him if he wanted to which go a scowl from Diana. Thomas did ask if Old George has any valuables he’d like him to get to anyone in case he did die.

We talked it over and we remembered passing by a housing development and some kind of farm heavy machine dealership and auto repair place on the way. Diana recalled a diner as well. The closest one was the dealership and depending how things went we agreed we might try the diner or the housing development for food afterward. The car was our lifeline right now and it was already a PoS before we started. With the dealership just five miles up the road it was the closest thing and we might find something of use there. We headed there first. On the way we saw several vehicles going the way we came from flashing lights and honking. We kind of figured they were warning us Crazies were the way we were going. Granted you could spin around and probably hit a few in any direction you felt like moving in.

There was a minivan on the side of the road with five zombies banging on it as we passed. I got Troy to slow down so I could check it out. Thomas advised it to be a bad idea since it could get us all killed if we got involved. Thomas brought up the idea the people in the car could already be dead like the other guy in the car we save. The minivan had hit a tree stump. I explained if they were Crazies inside the vehicle the others wouldn’t be trying to get in. The people inside could have been hurt. I also added they could be medical professionals and be able to help the guard and OG. Troy agreed. I tossed out they might have valuables or food to which even Thomas seemed excited to assist with the prospect of getting something out of it.

As we got closer one of the guys broke away from the vehicle and started to chase us and Troy gunned it. When he turned it around I explained we could probably get the others to follow us away and double back to help who was in the van. The zombie that had been chasing us seemed to just stand there confused on where to go. Guess he was out of range of anything living to hunt. As Troy raced back I got off two shots not hitting the zombie. Thomas gave me the advice in a louder and louder frantic tone to “Shot the Damn Thing!” which I eventually did at least than a foot away. I muttered that I was still getting use to firing and being in a moving vehicle didn’t help. Thomas countered I had been firing the service pistol all day. He had me there.

Troy driving up was enough to get their attention and two rushed to the front of the vehicle from down the side of the road. Troy gunned in running them over with a sickening crunch. A tall lanky man and what looked to have been a ten year old boy. As we move away one of the crazies in overalls and a plaid shirt, probably a farmer, dove at the back bumper but ended up falling face first onto the pavement. Thomas was crawling into the back from the front seat with the shotgun as I spotted the other zombie, a heavy set lady, take off towards the survivors of the minivan that were now running away from the zombies and us. I leveled a shot to the back of her head and she flopped forward tumbling down the embankment dead again. The farmer jumped up and went for the easier, slower survivors as well. I slapped the top of the vehicle and slide back in telling Troy to yolk it around since one was left. As he did he speed up and got me roadside as close as he could to the Crazy without flying off the road and messing up our battered ride. With the roof of the car as a platform I took a shot and downed the last Crazy. The survivors weren’t one of them otherwise they wouldn’t have taken off. It was two ladies one smaller than the other slightly. They were safe now but they kept running.

I yelled out to come back to us if they wanted to live once I got out of the car yelling to them. They stopped but didn’t come, they seemed to be arguing. Thomas explained he had already used that line when he pulled up in the Station Wagon so it wasn’t as effective. I shot back I was too busy fighting the Crazies and apologized for not noticing. Thomas was able to convince them to come back though. Susan the older of the two thanked us along with her daughter, Trish after introducing themselves and asked us to help fix their van. They were going to the relocation station waypoint from Crane when zombies had jumped out in front of her and she panicked and swerved down here and hit the tree stump.

Troy agreed to look at it while Susan tried to convince us going to the relocation station was our best option as well and that we should stick together. As she looked at each of us she noticed we didn’t make eye contact something dark in our thoughts about the place. Troy popped his head up from under the hood and explained flat out he wasn’t going there, they cut down a guy who turned and all which made sense but they also shot up everyone that was standing close to him in cold blood. She asked why we needed to go that way if we weren’t going to go to the waypoint. I asked her if she knew a Mrs. Connor who was married to a prison guard. She did, they were both in a pilates class, and I showed her Travis in the back. She freaked out and asked what happened. I explained from what I could tell from when all this craziness happened most of his prisoners escaped or were eaten and turned. We couldn’t leave him there to die. She said it was all the more reason to go to the relocation station. I explained it might be but what if they just put a bullet in him as well. She was quite then, probably not knowing what to do if she ever saw her friend and knew what happened to her husband if it was something like that.

Thomas used the moment of silence to ask for a reward for saving their life and repairing their van as in food and/or water since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Trish figured it to be a fair trade and opened her backpack and started rummaging around, before she could tell what she had her mother was over her zipping the backpack up and looking at us. She explained they didn’t have much but they did give us each two protein bars and a bottle of water. She asked what our names were as she did and I just simply said C-Note as I took mine and the others share back to the car to OG and to get some fluids in Connor as well. Trish introduced herself to Troy as he worked and slide him his share. She seemed to be trying to make small talk and chat up Troy. He looked up at me at the station wagon and he saw me smirk. His brow furrowed and I could tell he really couldn’t work with all the questions and distractions. It was annoying how oblivious and self-absorbed teenagers usually are but considering what just happened I guess it was a good coping mechanism. I asked Diana to go talk with the ladies and help them calm down, especially do Troy could work I added looking at the position of the sun.

Trish noticed that half of a Crazy is coming towards us, the lanky man that had been run over it seemed was only half dead the other half was alive and kicking with no legs. Rummaging around I borrowed Susans star tire iron and Thomas followed me with the shotgun. If you’ve ever tried to hit something trying to bite your legs with a tire iron it’s a lot harder than it would seem. I spent almost a full minute trying to club the thing with Thomas giving me advice and asking for if I needed help. Exclaiming out that it’s hard to hit half a guy on his stomach and hands that’s trying to bite you with a tire iron and he wasn’t helping. I finally glanced a blow that stunned the guy and I ran up behind him and pummeled him with the tire iron until it didn’t move. After stomping his skull in I rubbed the bloody end in the sand till it was clean and put it back. I thanked Susan and bent over and caught my breath. She looked at me a bit shocked and I explained through gasps that it was a bit of a workout.

Thomas explained he thought I only did a halfway decent job and the pun was met with a scowl and then a slight chuckle. Diana chatted with the ladies and explained how she was a documentarian. Trish asked what she was working on and Troy, Thomas, and I all went rigid as she deflected with it being about the Government and the System and that Trish would probably think it’s pretty boring unless she’s into politics and stuff. Trish suggested she do a documentation on ‘this’ moving her hand around when the minivan engine sputtered to life. Susan and Trish ran over as Troy wiped his hands clean. He was surprised it wasn’t as bad as he originally thought he guessed but the van wasn’t going to be going cross country without some serious repairs.

Troy moves to the station wagon looking around and explains that since it’s getting dark he’s going up the road to the machine shop. If She’d like to take her chances with the Crazies she was welcome to but we really couldn’t help her more than what we had already done. Susan after a small hussed argument with her daughter asked if they could come too. When we said yes Trish sprinted to the Station Wagon and yelled shotgun. Thomas explained it was his seat she was taking and that he even had a shotgun. I sighed and looked at Susan and asked if she really mind that much. She seemed as tired as I was and didn’t seem to mind since we were all going to the same place. I asked Thomas and Diana to ride with Susan to which Thomas didn’t like until I pointed out the Minivan probably had ice cold A/C. He didn’t mind that much.

We headed to the machine shop for the night in our little convoy and night hit a few minutes before we got there. When Troy pulled up in front of the gate I got out of the back and and Troy got out as well. Trish went for her door and I pushed it back closed as she opened it. She furrowed her brow until I explained.

”It’s too quiet, look around while we open the gate and if you see someone lurching towards me and Troy bang on the dashboard so we can get back in. Unless you think you’re ready to try and fight a few of those things at close range…” I explained looking at her expectantly. She looked up at me and around before locking her door and moving to the middle of the front seat. I moved up alongside Troy and asked if he had enough light with me standing next to him to block what he was probably going to do. He smirked a bit and explained he guessed. From the looks of the place Troy figured who ever left wasn’t a Crazy yet since it was locked from the outside. There might be some tools and parts we could use though I offered and Troy agreed. We pulled both vehicles in and closed the gate behind us and looked around the front of the gated lot.

The little lap dog was jumping all over the place and I finally figured it out and opened the door and whistled telling him to go ahead. He bolted. I looked at OG and asked if he wanted to walk the dog, he explained he was too old for that. Trish took off after the dog in a half jog and asked Troy to come with her. Troy said he was okay and had to do something over where he was. Trish tried to guilt him into saying he better just in case something happened to her. I looked at Susan and nodding in Trish’s direction asked her to make sure nothing happened to her while we checked the front door. She agreed. She seemed a bit frazzled by the day and ‘walking the dog’ probably would be the most normal thing about the day.

While they watched the dog do its business at the back corner of the lot I asked Thomas if he wanted to go into the building and see if there was anything in there that would want to kill us. He immediately refused which made sense. I asked him then if he’d mind keeping an eye on the ladies while Troy jimmy’d the lock open. With shotgun in hand he liked those odds better and with Diana at his side I checked out how Troy was doing. After giving him the coast was clear sign he went to work and the door lock popped in a few seconds. He shrugged and explained stuff in the middle of nowhere with merchandise this big didn’t really need heavy security. You can see and hear it leaving. We went inside by the light of the cars’ headlights through the window.

I moved in with Troy following me, he whispered he really needed a weapon if we were doing this and we looked around. An area with pamphlets on tractors under the window to our left and the plastic chairs bolted to the ground on our right weren’t going to be much help. I holstered my gun and Troy looked at me funnel until I tossed him a shovel and picked up a pitchfork myself. We moved around back to the front and looked at the door to the garage next to the lobby we were in. It had a large red X on the door spray painted on it and several heavy boxes piles up in front of the door. I looked at Troy and made a note to check there later. Moving around the area farther away from the door we found the receptionists area and after checking to make sure nothing was hiding there we ransacked the desk. We found a key on a piece of fender, a flashlight and I stashed a handful of paperclips. Using the flashlights we saw a couple of sets of tools Troy said could be useful to fix up the cars. We moved around to the rest of the floor finding nothing and went up the stairs.

Climibing the stairs with me in the lead I told Troy if I saw something lunging I would pin it to the wall and to beat the shit out of it with the shovel. It sounded simple enough. I crept up to the top of the stairs and saw a break area. I saw a knocked over chair and next to it a trail of blood. I saw a large X on the office the blood lead into and the door was shut. I checked to my left since there was a plexiglass window into the garage below from the 2nd floor offices. I thought I saw at least two things shuffling around. Probably Crazies.

I retraced my steps down to the stairs and tell Troy we probably should get the shotgun. We go down the stairs and I stay halfway up while he got Thomas. Supposedly telling Thomas we needed someone with the shotgun was something he agreed to until he realized that was him. Everyone came in downstairs and between putting Connor up someplace and OG finding a seat everyone else was starting to make a commotion looking for lights. When I came down with the flashlight so they could see better Diana said she found them and flipped a switch. A large area outside flashed in brilliant light to which Thomas flicked off a little freaked out. Diana flipped another and the cycle continued for a bit. Eventually the lights were on downstairs in the lobby although Thomas seemed to have aged at least five years in the process. A large amount of light might attract more crazies.

With downstairs more visible and everyone in I suggested me and Thomas go upstairs to take care of the one in the office. He didn’t like it but he did have a shotgun. Diana grabbed a heavy duty tire iron and followed us up. I moved around upstairs until I found the light switch and moved over slowly towards the door. I told Thomas he could get the shotgun ready and Diana could flip the switch. I’d pin whatever came out of the office so Thomas could shoot it. Thomas asked why he couldn’t just flip the switch and as he did I squatted slightly waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened. Diana said she thought she saw something in the garage to which I added I knew and that there was probably two of them in there. She taped the window with the end of the tire iron and something rushed up and lunged at here. Surprised she yelped and backed up. Cursing I asked what she had done since whatever she had riled up was slamming into the garage door that entered the lobby. Troy downstairs said the same thing as something slammed against the window to the office with the red X. I yelled back Diana decided to rile them up.

The plexiglass window eventually burst out from the crazie guys bashing it with his body and fists. I pinned him with the pitchfork against the wall. I told Thomas to shoot but he said I was too close. I hadn’t really been in a situation with a pitchfork before so I hadn’t thought of this. Diana freaked out now that everything had gone sideways started to frantically yell to shoot it. Thomas explaining he couldn’t, I yelled at him to hit it with the end of the thing since I had a pretty good pin on it. Thomas and Diana took turns and eventually knocked it down to the point it wasn’t saying anything. With it dead or so we thought Diana went downstairs to help. From what I heard they were trying to pile up more stuff in front of the door.

I told Thomas to search the rest of the area before we went down since I didn’t want any surprises as I pulled the pitchfork free and climbed through the window to the office. Looking down at the Crazy I stomped on its head and looked around I saw another body it had been feeding on it seemed and I stomped the head flat for good measure. This time coming out of the door Thomas was still in the other office. I yelled to see if he was okay and he said yes. When asked if he found anything good or useful he seemed to hesitate and said a flashlight. I didn’t really care at this point. I heard Troy downstairs saying the door was going to give way as wrenched open what turned out to be a supply closet. Grabbing a bucket and some toilet paper and flammable liquids I told Troy to keep the door from breaking and I was working on it. Thomas got some trash bags and I didn’t pay much more attention. I opened the mini frig and saw soda, water, and a few beers. I told Thomas to get it all out if the power wasn’t on and to leave it until we left if it was on. I needed to deal with the garabe now.

I started banging on the Plexiglass window with the butt of the pitchfork to test it and watched it wobble. I banged on it until the whole length of the office and garage window gave way and it crashed down below. The crazie by the door was still bashing at it as I dropped the toilet paper in the bucket and squeezed. I leaned out and doused him in the cleaner which he didn’t seem to like but it didn’t distract him that much since he still occasional banged on the door and took swipes at me. Lighting the toilet paper rolls I told everyone to back away from the door as I dropped the two fireballs on the crazie below and watched him light up like a Christmas tree. It did have the desired effect of getting him to stop what he was doing as he flailed around in pain. The other crazy backed away from him and the now black crazy fell to the ground just blackened bones now. I had to admit the strength was bad but I had smelt worse. Thomas came over asking what I was doing since I was just staring at the other one.

I pointed at the one just looking at me and mentioned he wasn’t doing anything, not attacking or trying to rush at the door like the other. Plus he had jumped back away from the one on fire. Thomas said that made sense since most people would do the same. I said it was different and this guy was different and not like the others. I yelled out and asked if he understood me. He looked up at me and grunted. I pulled the pistol from my hip and asked if he knew what I was going to do and to say something if he didn’t want to get shot. When he just snared up at me I put a bullet in him and started downstairs.

I went down to see how the others were doing. Susan and Trish were at the front door wiping their mouths their eyes bloodshot, guess they didn’t like the smell. Troy looked at me still a little wide eyed from the whole ordeal. I mentioned to Diana that she shouldn’t tap on glass and rile them up like that again unless she wanted to try and get us killed. I asked Troy to help me move back the riding lawn mower and move the boxes. I was about to explain how I was going to enter and what to expect just in case the one I shot was up and about again. I looked at everyone and raised an eyebrow. No Thomas. I called out for him and everyone got really still. We heard running water and someone whistling from the bathroom. I was a little pissed. I tried the door and it was locked. I banged on it and Thomas sang out it was ‘ocupado’ and he was scrubbing the man’s brains off him. I told him to come out or at least give up the shotgun. He refused since he explained taking a shower now was more dangerous than in prison and he was really enjoying his hot shower. I cursed again and decided to go it without him.

Going back to the door I had Troy off to my right next to the door so if something tackled me he could beat the thing down until it was dead or at least off of me. Diana was in front of the rest of the ladies. OG was sitting down next to the passed out Connor. I opened the battered door and see the blackened body of one of the crazies. I pocket it, nothing. Good. I fumbled around close by and found the light switch. The other guy I had shot on the far wall was gone. I let the rest know we still had a live one as I looked around the vehicle and everyone seemed to tense up. Diana asked the obvious question of where it was, it wasn’t by the back wall the far wall or next to me. With the lights on I stomped the head of the burned crazy next to me and moved in to find out. Moving with my pitchfork in front of me I crouched to look under the closest tractor and the Mechanic I figured out now that I could see what he was wearing was the one I shot earlier lunged at me. I sidestep and plunged my pitchfork into his midsection and put my weight on him to hold him down. Troy rushed in and tried to bash his head in with his shovel with Diana trailing behind a little more panicked. Eventually Diana got on the lucky shot with her tire iron that had him stop moving.

I stomped his head for good measure and looked over the body. I had hit him center mass upper chest pretty solidly I thought do I checked. The guy’s mechanic jump suit was open and I could see where I had shot him. The wound had already healed it had left a scar though. This was different. The guy’s blood started to leak out and he decomposed a bit more like when you watch those videos where they speed up time and you see things decompose and get moldy. The guy’s blood turned black and I found a small container for fuses or something and swooped up some of the thick black liquid. Troy asked what I planned to do with it and I shook my head not really knowing.

This guy was different I started and I pointed at the bullet wound that had healed and explained how my shot had knocked him off his feet. It was crazy to think you could heal up from a shot in less than five minutes. We were use to them getting up after some shots but not healed up from them. Plus he had jumped away from the fire and had been waiting for the door to get bashed open by the other crazy. This guy was different, instead of a mindless feral killer this one was thinking on how it could get out, and how to not get hurt needlessly. The rest of the crazies just went off the instinct to kill and eat people. This one seemed to be thinking.

After tossing the bodies outside and whacking their heads a few more times for good measure Thomas came out of the bathroom when we came back in. Naked except for a towel around his waist, with a wide smile he stretched and opened a beer and belched excusing himself. He explained he felt rejuvenated and like a new man. Free even he added with a smirk. All I could do was shake my head and told him to get dressed, we need to reinforce the window in front and and door since they were large areas of glass. We worked mostly in silent idle chatter about where we’d sleep. Before Trish could say anything I explained we’d have the ladies sleeping separately since anything inappropriate wouldn’t be happening tonight. Troy and Susan seemed to give me a silent thank you while Trish scowled a bit at me.

Pretty tired I ended up sitting down upstairs in the break area as everyone started to wind down for the night. Wondering what our next move would be when the whining started again, the little lap dog jumped into my lap and flopped onto one my hands licking it. I scratched it’s head and sighed. “Well Scout things just got more complicated.” I explained thinking about the new threat in my head at least. If Susan and Trish left in the morning for the relocation point I’d ask them to take Connor and OG with them along with a baggie with the plastic tube with the black blood and a note on what I thought was a new threat. Maybe there were some smart science guys that could figure out a cure or at least something that killed these people quicker. All I knew for sure it had been a long ass day and I was dead tired but at least I was still living.

Cell 3 Full Version

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