Cell 2 Full Version

We weren’t in a foreign country in a way I felt like it though. We needed to evade and we needed supplies to survive. Today ended rough for some but we were alive although some had had their morality or faith in society shattered. I felt like I was behind enemy lines, not because I was an escaped prisoner but because of the way people had been acting some were crazy and were biting while others were just crazy since they were just killing people at random. What had started on the bus wasn’t new it was happening all over the place we found out and it the populace needed to be contained and the threat quarantined. That meant this infection was spreading.

Usually if you have a shotgun and two guys trying to kill you rush you, defensively speaking, you should be pretty squared away to put a hole in one or both attackers, unless you get a jam. Troy was the later and me yelling at Troy didn’t seem to help either. He DID want to get away from the crazed farmer and teenager that were on him and I yelled that I didn’t have a clean shot. This pushed him a little for motivation since a stray bullet would do what the attackers were trying to accomplish just as well and he didn’t want that either. He managed to finally slip between the two of them as he came through the gate to the back of the bus. He yelled out more were coming as he kicked the door shut behind him, one of the attackers had managed to follow him though the gate before it closed though, several more slammed into the gate separating the front of the bus from the prisoner area, they smashed into it hard and shook the entire fence violently. I dropped the guy as Troy got closer to me with a round to the head causing the headless body to flop onto the guard that was still eating a prisoner. I guess I never can really get things easily done, always the hard way.

This got the guards attention as he zeroed in on me dropping the prisoner he was feasting on and started shambling over chairs in my direction. He looked more feral than man it seemed by the wild look in his eyes. Troy tried to take a shot at him with the shotgun as he passed by out of panic or opportunity but all he accomplished was to send some seat cushion foam flying into the air. At least he had got the jam fixed. This unfortunately distracted the guard though and it dove on him. I made the mental note how much like an animal as Troy yelled for help and I put a few more bullets in the thing but it didn’t seem to do much besides slow it down for a few seconds. Troy slide down into the bus seat farther and kicked up getting me a mostly clear shot on the guy and more importantly to Troy the guy was off of him. It dove at me before I could get another shot off and I clipped him as he neared landing my shoulder into just under his ribs and he flew into another bus seat head first and tried to get himself up and situated. I yelled at Troy we needed to go immediately as he ran past me; I dragged the guard to the back of the bus and pulled him out along with the fire extinguisher. I checked the clip. Nine rounds left. We needed wheels and the sound of doors opening and Thomas yelling to get in got my attention. I could see now why Troy had just dove out of the bus.

Thomas was in a car with Diana and Old George. A 1985 maroon station wagon with wood paneling wouldn’t be my first choice but it was what he had found. Troy dove into the driver’s seat as the door opened and shoved the shotgun into Thomas’ hands which he babbled a bit not use to such things. I, meanwhile, plowed into the backseat closing the door behind me and crawled into the back of the station wagon with the guard. A small lap dog jumped around and on me and I pushed him forward so I could work. Troy asked what happened to the windshield as he yoked the car around taking us off away from the chaos. Thomas stammered out something about hitting Dogface since he had gone insane like most of the other people.

Thomas in the few seconds of silence asked the question on all our minds in a frantic voice, “What the hell was that? And what was going on?” Diana had been quite rocking mostly and stayed quiet, Old George was just quite. Troy shook his head not knowing what to make of it. With the supplies I had available I did the best I could on the guard and kept silent trying to concentrate. I needed better supplies or to get him to a hospital. “This guy needs a hospital, how are we on gas?” I asked trying to get the immediate needs resolved. Troy figured we could look at the ranch up the highway to where we were for help with the guard. Diana finally snapped out of it, coming to the whole realization of what had happened just seemed to hit her, hard. She wanted to stop so we could figure out what was going on and to help her calm down. None of us agreed, distance was to our advantage from larger groups of people seemed like a good idea since none of us was jumping at the others trying to eat each others faces. Suddenly Troy threw up followed by Diana who had me with my gun out and aimed at the back of Troy’s head as soon as I saw vomit on the windshield.

Yelling at Thomas if there was blood in the vomit only seemed to make him more cautious and bring tension to the situation since he was in between Troy and Diana. From what he saw it didn’t look like it. Troy decided it was a good time to pull over then. Nerves, the initial surge of adrenaline was over and everyone came to the realization things weren’t right and we had little idea why. We rummaged through the back for some clothes in the pill of forgotten clothes and recyclables Thomas had spotted while I hadn’t even looked, too focused on the guard. I made due the best we could with the clothes available and talked some more. No one had any theories so I pointed out there were maybe two options that came to mind, the first being a bio/chemical attack by terrorists or the military had a cotangent that had gotten out during transport that they were studying or creating. The second seemed less likely; people were really turning into zombies.

Panic set in as Diana said we had to get to Midlands, the national guard might have been called and they’d protect us. Old George wanted to get back to the prison with the walls and guards we’d be safe he thought. I had rifled through the guards things while I was trying to deal with his wounds and Mr. Conner, from what I found in his wallet, was my first concern. It looked like he had a family in crane that might want to know what happened if they were ok. We needed gas but the ranch would be our first stop, we looked ratty and poor but at least we weren’t in orange jumpsuits walking up to someone’s house. Pulling into what looked like ‘Walsh Ranch’ by the sign went a little better than I thought.

The first thing we noticed as we edged up the dirt road was the two men that came outside, one sported a hunting rifle. He didn’t have it pointed at us yet. The man with the rifle was Mr. Walch, owner of the ranch and explained that he’d like us to leave since it was personal property he’d have every right to shot us to enforce that statement. We explained that an accident on the highway had turned horrific and we saw a prison bus where a Hispanic man had escaped, we had a guy that was not in the best conditions, a guard from the bus who had been wounded. We had trying to juryrig something for first aid but it just wasn’t working. They agreed to assist us with the wounded. Give us a few minutes to let our overheated car rest and then be on our way. It was fair enough, not a lot of help but they weren’t putting bullets in us so no complaints from me.

Jimmy, the younger of the two men brought out a table, Old George didn’t really feel like trying to deceive the people since they seemed pretty nice. He opted to stay in the car since he didn’t want to mess things up. I told him I understood and I respected that about him. Troy started doing what he could for the car while Thomas seemed to get an okay to use the phone inside. I got the guard out onto the table and Jimmy brought out a trauma kit. I washed the wounds and dressed them the best we could. It wasn’t pretty so I tried to take my mind off of things and asked Jimmy about if there was a gas station close by we could use. He mentioned that there was one but they used the next one over since Sue Ann, the owner of the closest gas station and they didn’t get along. The next one down was about twenty five miles. Thomas was walking out as I finished up the dressing. Mr. Walch nodded and got up and stated he reckoned we’d be on our way. Troy tried to see if they’d let us borrow their truck which was flat out refused. Jimmy explained they might need it to take Mrs. Walch to the doctor since she was sick. Mr. Walch sent him a wicked stare since I guess telling strangers your business wasn’t in his book of things to do today. Thomas took that que to say thanks and suggest we leave, immediately. I thanked them both shaking Mr. Walch’s hand and got the guard into the back. His pulse was weak from the loss of blood but at least it was steady.

Thomas said little besides drive repeatedly under his breath since like the rest of us he had the odd suspicion the Mrs. was or would be one of the infected. I explained the closest gas station would have issues due to the owner most people seemed to go up the road about twenty five miles. Troy explained we had maybe thirty. Thomas explained he knew a guy that could get us someplace to hold up if we could get to Dallas after getting a few things for him. I suggested we try the closer since it was less of a gamble on them having gas since most people didn’t go there. We found out that meant most people with common sense it seemed.

As we drove by we saw two dead bodies outside the station, it had a little garage area and the store looked like it was boarded up. A sedan and truck were parked on either side of the one pump and a man stood just outside the truck. We rolled by and the man turned towards us. As we saw the blood running down his chin and front of his shirt Thomas slapped Troy’s forearm repeatedly yelling to drive. As he speed up the sound of gun fire rang out and the man flinched and toppled over. We came back around and Troy pulled the station wagon up under a tree closer to the building. Thomas starting asking about if the person inside was okay and if we could get gas, in the silence that followed I sighed and got out slowly.

What I didn’t expect was a shot in my direction immediately without saying anything. I dove over the back of the car slamming my car door closed. Everyone was hunkered down in the vehicle but fortunately Thomas had a way with negotiations that got us some gas for the trash and recyclables in the back of the station wagon. We started to fill up when we saw a cop car coming up the round. We made sure we all saw it and we were glad none of us had our prison clothes on still. We braced ourselves but he just drove by. We all sighed relief until he hooked a u turn and turned on his lights coming back. The crazed woman yelled at us saying we called the cops and that we were dead. As the cop pulled up she first a couple times into the front windshield our thoughts of help arriving were quickly put to rest literally. I had moved one of the cars so we could pump gas and I made a dash to the truck. Troy yelled for me to get the spare from the truck and we got it into the back while Thomas kept talking and kept her from shooting. We got two gallon bottles and a full tank out of it and slowly pulled away cutting our thoughts of a new ride and or a cop car to shreds. As dusk fell we found ourselves changing the tire out of the crazy woman’s sight and we decided to head to Midlands. The radio picked up the emergency broadcasts of the National Guard being out and patrolling.

We came to an odd scene. Several APCs were on the road one pulled away with a lot of cars on both sides of the road parked on the shoulder. Supposedly the army was transporting people into town by APC since it would be less congested since all the parked vehicles would just clog up the roads we at least that supposedly what was going on or what they had been told from what we found out from a mother and her daughter waiting in there vehicle. Salvation. Diana though was relieved it seemed. We could finally be safe. Troy looked at me in the rear view and Thomas was quite as well, we were convicts and we didn’t want to go. I explained that if her and George wanted to go that was fine with me but I asked if they could take the guard as well. I explained we were prisoners and even if we weren’t they probably didn’t mind letting us in if we were clean but getting let out was probably not in the orders. Those escaping or attempting to leave might be shot if not just confined. Diana was in the middle of trying to convince us to come with them since it was safe. She pointed at a family walking to the APC and stressed that the military was helping the people. Suddenly the man, the father possibly, coughed and toppled over followed by the sound of vomit hitting the ground in the search lights from the APC we could see blood in the fan of vomit and immediately the bark of a M249 light machine gun opened up cutting the man down as he lurched up growling as he did, his wife mowed down in the process rushing to help him up.

The crowd of people panicked as a voice came out over a bull horn explaining about containing the threat. People didn’t care but they had fear in them so they shut up. They went docile and got in line like cattle, defeated accepting their fate. Troy had already put the car in reverse and we were peeling out as the soldier leveled his weapon at us his CO pushed the gun down shaking his head no and I stared into his eyes. There was sorrow in what had happened but there was knowledge there as well. They knew.

The military knew about it, they might not have caused it, then again they might have. But they currently had orders to kill civilians that showed the signs of going crazy. He didn’t like it and the shooter looked pretty freaked out, it might have been out of panic or he was just that professional but he shot and he couldn’t take that back even if it was the right thing to do. Containing the threat. They were screening people probably and herding them like cattle to safety. A fire in a forest can’t keep burning if you contain it, give it nowhere to spread to like out in California when they have brush fires and your safe. A backburn I think is what the technique is called. Not giving people a chance to get infected was great. That just meant they needed to kill everyone and anyone who got infected it seemed.

As we road back the way we came into the dark we were all quite. Taking the direct route into Midlands seemed to be a no go. We were going to need supplies soon plus be cognoscente of the military performing a quarantine and the spread of the infection. I needed to sleep too but my mind raced just like our beat up station wagon down the dusty highway.

Cell 2 Full Version

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