Cell 1 Full Version

If you asked me this morning if I’d be more concerned about if someone had a little cough or an opportunity to get out of jail as a fugitive that would probably not be caught anytime soon. I’d say hey, “Jailbreak yeah man.” I’d have been just as surprised as you that I am currently more concerned about that ‘little cough’. I’m not the one that had the cough but it’s defintely on my major concerns list so that I’m not dying… yet.

My name is Levon Jenkins, people call me C-Note, I’m currently a convict who was in transit to the regional prison medical facility in Midlands Texas which is part of this big regional prison facility program; that was until everything hit the fan and reality kind of seemed to have gone sideways on me.

I’m also staring down the barrel of a Glock 9 mm at two guys that look like a farmer and some tourist that have another convict pressed up against the wall while he tries to push them away with a shotgun before they bite him. There’s a dead or dying prison guard next to me and another one over a mauled prisoner eating his face. There was a camera man on the bus that looked pretty tore up but I just put a bullet in him so I’m not too worried about him currently trying to kill me. I know this probably sounds like I’m a really messed up guy trying to escape right? The back door to the prison bus I’m standing in still is open and swinging behind me… I guess I should explain a little bit more before you pass judgment on me, you are entitled to your own opinion but you should probably hear the whole story first.

There was a lot of tension lately at the prison and we had gone into lockdown again for the fifth time this month and we weren’t even halfway through it. There were less guards than normal and all the guards on duty were on edge. Looking at a guard funny lately usually got a swift beating with the comment of someone trying to attack a guard or someone trying to escape. I felt sorry for anyone with allergies since they’d likely get a beat to death for sneezing. Case in point Simmons, rest his soul. I was just glad for a break from the place.

Judge Theodore Maxwell was the wild cowboy type or at least he thought so. We referred to him as ‘The Max’ since he usually gave prison sentences of the maximum extent if he could. He tried to set an example that he had a hammer of justice and he swung heavy and hard. Personally I think he just liked acting all high and mighty and being a dick to any inmate who came through his court cus it made him feel good about himself. But he had ordered a reopening of business since the backlog of cases due to whatever crisis and personal problems going on needed to be addressed and processed.

About an hour ago I was getting ushered onto a bus with a few other inmates to go to Midlands. I’d meet Troy and Thomas before and they were decent enough, not necessarily honest but they weren’t trying to kill me. They weren’t bad people at heart. Hector Hemanez on the other hand, a Lieutenant for a Mexican Cartel was put with us. He was another story, with a constant snare on his lip when he looked at the guards as if ready to spit on them. Ricky a scared looking little weasel of a guy in for arson didn’t seem to know when to shut up unless the guard threated to clock him with the butt of a shotgun. A heavy set dark skinned guy with a pock marked face everyone just referred to as Dog Face who seemed under the weather or just not use to the direct heat of the sun from his drowsyness and heavy breathing. A bald headed caucasian guy with a faded scared from what use to be a tattoo of that Nazi symbol until he had laser surgery it seemed eyed all of us. Lastly George Orutski a 60 year old African American inmate that the guards actually treated decently. We had all heard old rumors about Old George and what he was in for. No one really knew or could remember and the rumors ranged from him being incarcerated for doing experiment on animals and than people, to him shooting a white cop in the face during a Black Panthers protest with the cop’s own gun when he was going to shoot some black female protestor, to hearing he shot a man in Reno just to watch him bleed out.

Although we all didn’t get along we got a bit tense and silent when we saw Torsin Lot in full hand gauntlets, ankle, knee, and waist locks chained to his hands taking little baby steps in our direction. He didn’t belong around us, he was Federal Max Prison Death Row material. They even had a lower face guard on the man while six guards ushered him into a separate vehicle at gun point. We all sighed a bit of relief.

Torsin looked a bit older now in his 50s but still sported the business like corporate haircut from the 70s and a massive handle bar moustache that dated him. His eyes though still looked just as wild and the inmate serving five to six consecutive life sentences was certifiably crazy for the charges stacked against him. Anyone giving that man a mental evaluation that proved he wasn’t crazy would only be proving he was more dangerous that anyone wanted to admit because that would mean he knew exactly what he was doing and rationally thought it ‘ok’. That is more messed up than if he was just bat poop crazy.

The two guards on our detail moved us into the bus and had us sit and we were buckled in at gun point. It didn’t matter that much to me, I was out of the prison for a bit and we weren’t sharing a ride with Lots. There was the silver lining of the documentarian and camera man with her. Diana Erez was an exotic type of woman, multiple ethnic backgrounds had her sporting long raven black hair witha blue sheen, intense blue eyes with gold flex and a tanned complexion that had you curious if she was Oriential, Indian, Black, Hispanic, or a little of all the above. Evan, her cameraman and sterotypical hipster, filmed constantly.

After some time we were out of the prison walls and we relaxed a bit. Seeing a bloated dead cow though on the side of the road got an eyebrow raise from some. The burnt out husk of a car against a tree though got most of us wondering since we weren’t even five miles away from the prison. Getting us off the major road we turned onto an old country road and drove for a bit, Mad Dog looked like he was doing worse and I asked him if he was alright which just got a grunt for acknowledgement. The interviews had just gotten through the skin head and Thomas before things started going downhill.

After a while we slowed down and came to a halt. The guard facing us with the shotgun stood up and pumped a shell into the chamber and ordered silence. Looking down the center aisle out the front it looked like a tourbus had gotten itself stuck on the bridge ahead blocking both sides causing a traffic jam. Great. The driver was coughing a bit but I figured it was from the dust. Going to Midlands was fine but being stopped in a traffic jam in the middle of Texas is a whole different kind of prison. Have you ever been to Texas when it’s hot? Texas has a different kind of hot when you have no place to go, the air is still and it’s hot. I mean fried egg while it’s still in the chicken hot.

The sudden sound of the driver starting to shake and going into seizure got me yelling to the guard on us to check on his fellow guard. The sudden seizures seemed to be followed by vomiting blood. This had the documentary crew on the action up front and agains the cage. The guard trying to help his shaking co-worker seemed a little taken aback since he had blood and vomit on him now. I yelled out to don’t let him bite his tongue and he ended up carrying him off the bus.

When the guard came back on he looked a bit shaken up, I was about to ask if the other guard was okay when I sniffed the air. Fire. Ricky looked at me sheepishly as I turned over my shoulder to look at him as if to look innocent as the wisps of fire started behind him. I yelled for the guard cursing at Ricky at the same time. The guard rushed back unlocking the cage and filing in with a fire extinguisher. As he put out the fire I started to sigh when I noticed Hector behind him with a shiv in his hand and malice in his eyes. Not only had he gotten up and free he had a shiv, they had searched everyone before we left I thought. I warned the guard but it was too late.

Hector spending enough time in prison had gotten use to the method and had already stuck him a couple times. Not use to the kind of attack the guard doubled over as I unbuckled myself and hopped onto the back of a seat next to Hector to get around the guard and planted both my feet from my perch on the seat into Hector’s side sending him flying to the back of the bus hitting his head hard. I yelled out to the guard to see if he was still conscious. Nothing. Hector was about to point at me to say something when he found his left hand handcuffed to the back door. He turned next to him at Troy and looked like he was about to lunge so I taunted him. Troy really didn’t seem like the kind of guy that wants to fight a guy in close combat with a shiv since he’d probably end up dead really quick.

I taunted Hector asking what he was afraid of since my hands were already tied behind my back. As he moved towards Troy I edged closer and commented if he was going to come to me I’d come to him and that made him nervous. Thomas screamed behind me and I felt him slam head first into my back as if he was falling over backwards, he used me as a brace and pushed himself up. He kept tapping me on the shoulder and saying something about someone getting bite. I explained I was a little busy. I squatted over the guards body and felt for his wound, hot blood ran out his side like motor oil if motor oil came in vivd red. At an odd angle I put my hands over the wound gingerly since I was having a hard time balancing over his body and prepping at a kick at Hector if he got close. I asked Thomas to help me but he mentioned something about the keys and was fumbling around on the guard for them. Good enough I guess. A woman’s shriek came from behind me and Diana toppled over the three us trying to get by. I cursed wondering if today was the day everyone was trying to kill me.

I watched Hector pull a key out and bang hard on the backdoor before he unlocked the hand cuffs. He mentioned to me that we’d finish this later as he looked from Troy to me and started towards the middle of the bus. The guard’s pulse was weak and I didn’t want to move my hands. I yelled for Diana to help me but she was too shaken up. Thomas was busy trying to get his hands free and I felt torn between readying to attack Hector as he came at me and saving the guard’s life. If I was attacked I’d have to pull away so I braced. I heard Thomas yell he was free and I told him to unlock me. The attack never came, Hector jumped to his right and clambered over the bus chairs getting towards the front door. From outside we heard the bark of an assault rifle firing down the side of the bus towards the cars in front of us.

As I watched I saw the guard who was having seizures before eating the cameraman Evan, this would be the ‘someone getting bite’ Thomas was talking about. I asked Diana to put her hands on the guard’s wound so I could go after Hector and she calmed a bit when I told her it was going to be alright. Thomas exclaimed it wouldn’t be and he was going to unlock the back door and get the hell out of here. I told him to unlock me and as he ran by and grabbed Diana and didn’t look like he was stopping I sidestepped backwards lacing a leg between his and bumped up against him grabbing the keys and unlocked my cuffs. I tossed Thomas the keys as he howled about his plan to stay alive and told him to get the woman, the guard, and Old George (OG) off the back of the bus and go. Troy yelled out Mad Dog had gone blood crazy too. Looking over there was vomit and blood against the window by him.

Looking to the front Hector had looked at the guard eating the cameraman and jumped over them. Ricky had done the same it seemed hands still behind his back in hand cuffs. I grabbed the guard’s pistol and told Thomas to move. I put a round in Mad Dog’s and the guard’s general direction which got their attention. Mad Dog ripped through the seatbelt and lunged at me trying to bite me which I didn’t suspect, I side stepped and pushed his mass into the next row of seats up and he got stuck and wiggled around for a bit. The guard had launched himself at the Neo Nazi running towards me and started to maul him. Then the cameraman got up, Evan’s right side was torn open and his intestines were hanging out, it wasn’t pretty. He looked like he had been hit by a car bomb but considering the wound you usually don’t just get up on your own from something like that, if you were alive. He shambled towards me hunger in his eyes.

Evan was not asking for me to help him. As he started to charge Mad Dog got up in front of him blocking the way. I looked back and told Troy to take OG and run. I heard scrambling behind me and Mad Dog rushed me again. This time I side stepped and took a shot at the guard on the Neo nazi. I heard a thund behind me and spared a glance to notice Mad Dog had run out the back of the bus through the open door probably face first. First smile on my face since that guard coughed.

I backed up and felt a body against my leg and saw the guard. I swore at Thomas and grabbed the fire extinguisher and guard and started to drag them to the back of the bus. Seeing Troy jump up from the front of the bus was a surprise as he suddenly grabbed a shotgun and pointed it down the stairs. I saw the fear in his eyes and I yelled at him to shoot figuring something was there. I saw his shoulder shrug forward and panic spread across his face and the color faded. Two guys a farmer it seemed from the overalls and a tourist in a Hawaiian shirt rushed him up the stairs slamming him into the wall by the driver’s chair. They tried to bite him but he was attempting to hold them back with the shotgun. I swore and put a bullet in Evan that knocked him off his feet until I saw the backs of his sandals up in the air. As the body fell I shot another shot off to try and hit one of the guys on Troy but it was hard to get a clean shot as they flailed at him and I missed.

See I might be a convict but I’m still a human being. I might have a guy I tried to save in vain dead at my feet, OG someone trying to escape or he might be dead, another guard chewing on someone’s face as they die to my right and two more local yocals trying to bite another guy I know while I take pot shots but I’m still here and I’m still alive. It’s a mess up situation to bring in but I ain’t going nowhere so bring.

Cell 1 Full Version

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