Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies

Cell 5: Hidden Caches vs Zombie Intelligence

Session on 30 July 2012

As I drove back to our new safe house I had to admit it turned out to be a good day. I pulled down the visor and found some CDs. I whistled when I found a CD by Ice Cube, The Predator album seemed kind of out of place and made me wonder how old the preivous owner was. I flipped forward and played “It Was a Good Day”. It had been, we killed some zombies but hadn’t been in any major danger. Found some food, made a friend… even got a chance to settle up with that Weasel Ricky. Guess I should go into a bit more detail though…

Cell 5 Full version

Rewarded 3 XP


leepowbj leepowbj

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