Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies

Cell 3: Fortification vs Classification

Session from July 2, 2012

C-Note rubbed his eyes and heard the dog whine next to him. He reach down and scratched the dog’s head and behind its ear which got the whine to stop. Sighing he leaned back. He felt tired, they had found someplace to sleep and fortified the position, but he had also seen a new type of Crazy and this one seemed more intelligent. What puts man apart from feral beasts is the ability to think and use tools. What happens when humans go feral? You outsmart them. But what do you do when someone who should be feral has a glimmer of intelligence left plus bullets don’t stop him like the normal feral humans try to kill you. What’s worse? You realize it heals up a bullet would in under five minutes. I guess I should backtrack a bit it’ll help me figure this out maybe.

Cell 3 Full Version

Rewarded 3 XP


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