Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies

Cell 2: Evasion and Resupply vs Infection and Quarantine

Session 2 on June 10th 2012

We weren’t in a foreign country in a way I felt like it though. We needed to evade and we needed supplies to survive. Today ended rough for some but we were alive although some had had their morality or faith in society shattered. I felt like I was behind enemy lines, not because I was an escaped prisoner but because of the way people had been acting some were crazy and were biting while others were just crazy since they were just killing people at random. What had started on the bus wasn’t new it was happening all over the place we found out and it the populace needed to be contained and the threat quarantined. That meant this infection was spreading.

Cell 2 Full Version

XP Awarded from the two sessions: 5xp (2 & 3)


leepowbj leepowbj

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