Men and women turn feral and try to eat other people (Normal people never seen one attack another of their kind), that is not normal. It’s crazy ergo the nickname ‘Crazies’

Not susceptible to normal levels of injury/high threshold for pain. We’ve learned they aren’t shy on being hurt (broken limbs/joints not a big deal) or shot as long as they’re ambulatory they’re coming. The exception being shot in the head (Decapitation would probably have the same effects) or considerable damage is done (i.e. Getting mowed down by a machine gun or rifted in half when run over) to the body.

update If they aren’t close enough to anything to attack they seem kind of confused at what to do. Implies range of vision or perception in which they react

update With that feral strength and toughness come a dimming of intelligence lower than most pets it seems since one crazie fell for a dead body being alive with some obvious usage of assistance.

Proficient Killers
People who are familiar with Crazies and how to kill them seem to either go straight for head shots or disable them through use of excessive damage to the body.

update Down and dirty killing
Killing crazies by pinning them in place and bashing their head in works but it’s pretty slow. Crazies covered in flammable liquid burn pretty quickly and will stop attacking, WARNING the stench of burning rotting flesh is well… quite nasty make sure you’re upwind if you do this so you don’t hurl.

Infection Spreading
Unsure where it got started or why but there have been two ways Crazies had been infected. Blood Vomit Crazy or The Bitten

update Found another kind of Crazy, Mean Mugger.

update Found first animal type Crazy, Devil Dog


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