Cell 5 Full version

As I drove back to our new safe house I had to admit it turned out to be a good day. I pulled down the visor and found some CDs. I whistled when I found a CD by Ice Cube, The Predator album seemed kind of out of place and made me wonder how old the preivous owner was. I flipped forward and played “It Was a Good Day”. It had been, we killed some zombies but hadn’t been in any major danger. Found some food, made a friend… even got a chance to settle up with that Weasel Ricky. Guess I should go into a bit more detail though…

We found a small house off the road we hadn’t noticed before after a few minutes of driving. Thomas was the first to pull over with the minivan. Looking around outside it seemed quite enough so Troy and me got out, Thomas came hurrying over rather quickly he looked a bit panicked, more so than usual. All I got out was Susan, I heard Trish burst into wailing sobs from the van and Diana was holding her head in her hands. Thomas had his hands folding across his chest and he was pacing back and forth. If I didn’t know him I’d say he was a druggie by his walk. He simply said “she got biten” than followed up flicking out a two fingers and rewinding some unseen tape with the message, “Susan’s dead. Dogs got her. Diana got bitten… She got biten.” His nervous looks over his shoulder at her probably didn’t help her any so I offered to go over and look at it. Thomas just nodded not knowing really what to do.
The skin was broken but she wasn’t bleeding or anything, since she hadn’t vomited blood I couldn’t really tell, she didn’t look feverish so I had no idea what it could be really. I wasn’t really an expert on Crazies. As a group we decided getting the vechiles out of sight and laying low for a bit was our first priority considering what had happened at our last safe house. The garage was open so I went and locked around, it looked safe enough. We backed the vehicles in and Troy and I went in to clear the house. Thomas would stay outside and yell if something was going on. I looked at Diana and then Troy. We asked if they could black out the windows with the spray paint and asked Diana to see what she could do for Trish.

The inside was pretty plain, someone left ina hurry it seemed but the place looked lived in. A blanket on the couch, video controllers by a tv, plates in the sink that needed washing. There was a utility drawer that had been pulled out and dumped out on the ground. I looked at Troy and shrugged before getting a spoon and sliding it into my pocket. He looked at me funny and I shrugged, you never know what you’d need and when. We moved around to the front door and I unlocked the deadbolt and locked the bottom lock in case we had to get out quickly, from what I knew Crazies had a hard time using a door knob since it was easier I guess to beat a door down. We crept up the stairs and noticed all the doors were open except one. We saw the faint shadow under the door and the sound of shuffling, we just didn’t know if it was someone with a shotgun or a Crazie. I put a hand up in front of Troy and tossed the spoon at the door. In the silence the sudden clank sounded a lot louder than you would expect.

Something slammed into the door and roared on the other side, the following sound of snarls and scratching fingernails against the door let me know they didn’t have a gun, it was probably a crazie. We stood up and walked upstairs the rest of the way and looked through the doors that were open. With our quick search done and satisfied we moved to the door. I rushed it opening it the door quickly slamming whatever was on the other side back. She was, or had been a grandmas it seemed before Troy used his makeshift flame thrower, Spray paint and a lighter set her blue hair on fire. I was on her and started clubbing her with a heavy tire iron before Troy could stab it. He embedded his knife in her skull and she slumped to the ground. A little out of breath we decide to take showers, Thomas did it last time so I figured it was fair game. We come back down Thomas was expectant, Diana let us know the army patrol had passed. Both wondered why we smelt like soap. We explain we killed a zombie with a spoon, some blunt objects, and a bottle of soap.

They must have been to tired to care since Diana just said she was hungry. We ate the last of our supplies and I looked at the motley crew around me. I told Thomas to stay with the girls and Troy and myself would go scavenging for food in the housing development area up the road. We headed out and parked outside the housing area by the closest house and started to survey houses. We couldn’t figure out how to get up the back wall and over. Moving around to the front we saw a large red ‘X’ on the door to the first house. Thinking back to the machine shop I whispered to Troy we should move on. Noticing some had ‘O’s instead we opted for those, walking up to one we noticed to people in the street, since they weren’t doing anything I suggested we hurry up as Troy said the door was locked. I started to kneel next to him when he said he had got it and the door quietly clicked open.

Searching around we could tell it was a young professional guy’s house, bachelor. We found a bit of dried and canned food. I found a leather duffel bag upstairs to put everything in. Troy came walking out of what was an office or meditation room holding a sword, or ‘It’s a mutha f*ckin Katana’ as Troy put it with the first smile he’d had in a while as he took some practice swings. We were stopped short when we heard a gunshot. We scrambled down the stairs and to the blinds. Only one guy standing out in the street, that is before the thunder of a shot reported out again and the second one dropped. Troy and I looked at each other and decided giving that area a wide berth would be in our best interest. Not sure if it was going to be like the gas station all over again. We made it back to the car and noticed to people closing in on the vehicle. As we snuck up we eventually found out they weren’t interested in stealing the car. Troy and I looked at each other knowingly as I put down the duffle bag with food and he wielded his katana. The dry grass crackled under his foot at one point and the zombies rushed us. We gave up on stealth and went for brute force. The Crazies started it. We dropped the two of them, and stomp in their heads former business commuters by their clothes Troy commented something about his sword and being like a ninja and deadly or something. I was too busy checking out the car having him pop the trunk and tossing the food in.

After a quick discussion and decision we looked around, we still had quite a bit of light, we could go back scavenge some more and get back to the house before dark. We moved down the street we were on then across the street and checked the next house. The door was unlocked the lock drilled through. Troy and I looked at each other. Looters… Granted we were doing the same thing but I had no idea what was inside though so we’d have to be cautious. Dropping down to a squatting position we entered, the smell of ammonia and grandma like smell plus the little toys on the ground made me think cat lady. I swore softly since a small crazie cat was the last thing I needed since they could be anywhere. With the hallway in front of us and the kitchen to our right I got Troy’s attention and pulled out my spoon. It was becoming pretty useful. As it clattered across the kitchen floor and stopped we waited. Nothing. I walked into the kitchen and we looked around. The power was cut to this house just like the other one. In the living room I found some yarn since I got tired of going and picking up the spoon every time. Plus Knitting Needles, because in a pinch you never know.

Troy called for me and when I got there he pointed out the door, it was ridged with some kind of booby trap. There was a knock at the front door and it opened. Troy and I froze as we heard someone go “Guys? That you?” The voice was actually kind of familiar. Ricky stepped into the kitchen we didn’t have anywhere to hide. With a marshal’s hat and jacket on he moved towards us with a flashlight and revolver drawn. He seemed happy to see us and mention to not open the door since it was booby trapped. He had ridged it for some army guys or pigs if they looked in there. I just nodded with the spoon in my hand. In the dark a bluff might work as I looked at Troy and then Ricky.

I told Ricky to not be alarmed but I’m not sure if I had just picked up a live grenade. With something heavy hitting the ground and a thin piece of metal flying away Ricky was quite alarmed. You might say panicked as he dove into the hallway. Dropping his flashlight and curling into a ball around the corner. When he looked up I had a flashlight in his face and a pistol in his face. I tell him to drop the gun and he tries to make small talk, form an alliance, usually Ricky stuff. With a gun to his temple and the hammer dropped back he did drop the gun, I kicked it away towards Troy and tell Ricky to disarm the booby trap. He was reluctant but putting the gun in his mouth got me what I wanted. While he worked Ricky did a recap of how he had been booby trapping and getting cops, marshals, and nation guard patrols killed and his offer of ‘friends’ in odessa if we come with him we decline. I explained to just disarm the booby trap and we’d put his gun in the mailbox. We’d go our way and he could go his. I refused to team up.

Personally he’s a weasel little snot stain but I just doesn’t like his thought process. Thinking back to the story of how the patrol got attack made me think of Ricky plus the snot left us on a bus he caught on fire with a guard he helped attack when we were surrounded by zombies and everything went to hell in a hand basket. Troy had went and got a pillow and came back while he was working. When Ricky tried to say something else it took a second for it to register as Troy put the gun to the pillow and shot Ricky centermass. I was freaked out a bit but I dove on Ricky as soon as I know he was dying and cursed as I bashed his head in. He was annoying snot and I didn’t feel sorry for him but I wasn’t going to get attacked by him when he turned Crazie. We searched him and got some good supplies plus some keys for a ford truck.

With the disarmed the booby trap we got some more supplies. We saw the message on the wall that Ricky left for who opened the door “Fuck You Pigs!” Classy. I commented that I was surprised Troy killed him for his flashlight or if he was like OG and killed him just to watch him die. Usually you feel bad when you kill someone, with Ricky… Troy didn’t seem shaken up over it.

We heard a moan from outside and saw sunlight coming in. Ricky was a pain in my ass even when he was dead even if he didn’t turn into a crazie, his scatter pyro brained head forgot to remind him to close the door. I told Troy to get a chair and some of the yarn and put the chair in the hallway, the moan was too close it’d be shambling in any second. He turned to see me with Ricky’s body minus the jacket and me putting the hat back on him. I tied yarn to his arm and ran it back up the light fixture in the kitchen and gave it a test tug. I asked Troy if the arm was moving and he said yeah and looked out the front door where the body was facing. He muttered ‘oh’ as he jogged into the kitchen. I whistled and heard a grunt. I tugged on the yarn, the arm probably bobbed around. Sliding down behind the counter we heard a heavy set man rush in and slam off an end table in the hall as it dove at Dead Ricky. Thanks Ricky I thought as we slipped out the front door and closed the door behind us. You did me a solid after all.

We debated on turning tail now or finding Ricky’s supply cache. Troy thought Ricky might be with some people but I countered he would have been dead already than since he was annoying. I hit the lock button and heard a chirp the next street over and I heard a low moan. Damn.

There was another one in the street but after a gunshot it didn’t have a head. I looked up and finally noticed pointing it out to Troy. A man was on top of a house it seemed taking shots. I gave him a salute and he waved a black Stetson at us when we noticed three more crazies running towards us from his direction. ‘Beeline to the car’ is all I said before Troy and I booked it for the car. As we jugged I mentioned I figure if the guy was a good shot we could use the extra help. Troy asked if we were going to try and get the truck when he saw three more guys trying to meet up with us as we ran by. We sprinted to the car and took off, I told him to slow down so they’d chase us. Explaining I wanted to at least check out the area where the truck was he figured why I wanted to lead the crazies as he gunned it and pulled a u turn and drove past them up the street. When we got close to where we thought it was I got out and looked around. Quit. I checked the door, booby trapped. I forced the garage door open and checked out the vehicle. I noticed some smaller power tools that I could take and slide those into the back of the truck bed.

I came back and let Troy know that there might be more stuff inside. He suggested we get out now and come back later since it was getting late. I asked how he thought we could get the truck open and he blinked at me, I looked down at the keys in my hand and just muttered don’t tell Thomas. We both had a good laugh over it as I explained I’d meet him on the road since I wanted to talk to the shooter but if he heard more gunfire to just bail.

The man waved as I got closer when I rolled down my window and thanked him for earlier. He told me to pull up into the driveway since I wasn’t on his property he had to yell plus his hearing wasn’t as good as it use to be. I introduced myself, not as CNote. He explained we could call him Hoss. His leg was in a cast but he was still a hell of a shot, his life and routine hadn’t changed that much except he shot ‘Zombies’ now. We agreed to come back tomorrow for him if he was ready to get out of here. He mentioned maybe he’d get a chance to use his flying lessons. I was silent for a second letting that get processed after it was mentioned and thanked him again for the assistance and he tossed me a beer. He suggested just cutting across next time since I was in a truck is I wanted to avoid the crazies.

I kind of figured what Thomas might say but a chance to get out of the deadzone we were in and getting a good shot to boot might sway him. As I pulled up behind Troy we started the drive back to the safehouse.

Cell 5 Full version

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