Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies



The Jessup Corrections Facility is a medium security prison with a special case/transfer facility for temporary holdings in Eastern Texas. Prisoners from around the state are sometimes sent here to get access to specialized medical treatment, psychiatric care, or if they need to make regular visits to the nearby medium-sized city. Prisoners awaiting trial are also housed here. It is also the facility that often hosts reporters, documentary film crews, etc… They have been on psuedo lock down for several days due to outside activities, but communications into the prison have been restricted.

Many corrections officers have called in sick, resulting in a lower staffing level. After a couple days of limited activity, a high-profile judge has ordered that court cases resume even though there are some medical emergencies cropping up around the county and state. Hence a resuming of transportation with a skeleton crew of security.

It started on a prison transport bus enroute to the courthouse/police station. During the 2 hour drive, things are going down. Yeah, its was recipe for disaster but an opportunity good or bad is still a chance to survive.


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