Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies

Cell 6: Ticket to Freedom vs Free Pass to Hell

Regroup at Safehouse
Attacked by zombies and zombie child
Got shot in friendly fire
Orphan girl bailed on us and flipped the minivan
Picked up the old guy and his grandson
Got the the outskirts of the Airport
Zombies in large ammounts (refugee camp turned zombie buffett)
Made dash for one of the hangers
Orphan girl died
Radio contact with the watch tower
Possible to use the Copter to get ourselves and the other people stranded out
Devise a plan to fuel the Heli, distract zombies and make it out alive
Troy and Levon scavenge and build a pip bridge to other hangers
breaks at second hanger scope out
Levon runs up the side of the building with rope while zombies try and chase him
Troy is strained overnight on the other building
Reopens the window and a new type of crazie comes out
He fights the odd crazie until Leveon shows it with an improvised shotgun shell
The thing falls the 15 feet to the ground and walks off on all fours
Levon finally realizes the things chest is up and it’s backside is towards the ground even though it’s head is ‘upright’ and it’s limbs are elongated.


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