Breakout: Convicts vs Zombies

Cell 1: Jailbreak vs Just a Little Cough

Session 1 June 4th 2012

If you asked me this morning if I’d be more concerned about if someone had a little cough or an opportunity to get out of jail as a fugitive that would probably not be caught anytime soon. I’d say hey, “Jailbreak yeah man.” I’d have been just as surprised as you that I am currently more concerned about that ‘little cough’. I’m not the one that had the cough but it’s defintely on my major concerns list so that I’m not dying… yet.

My name is Levon Jenkins, people call me C-Note, I’m currently a convict who was in transit to the regional prison medical facility in Midlands Texas which is part of this big regional prison facility program; that was until everything hit the fan and reality kind of seemed to have gone sideways on me.

I’m also staring down the barrel of a Glock 9 mm at two guys that look like a farmer and some tourist that have another convict pressed up against the wall while he tries to push them away with a shotgun before they bite him. There’s a dead or dying prison guard next to me and another one over a mauled prisoner eating his face. There was a camera man on the bus that looked pretty tore up but I just put a bullet in him so I’m not too worried about him currently trying to kill me. I know this probably sounds like I’m a really messed up guy trying to escape right? The back door to the prison bus I’m standing in still is open and swinging behind me… I guess I should explain a little bit more before you pass judgment on me, you are entitled to your own opinion but you should probably hear the whole story first.

Cell 1 Full Version

Session paused due to time: Xp Award pending.


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